Friday, June 22, 2012

be spiritually full

“When you are full, you will refuse honey, but when you are hungry, even bitter food tastes sweet.”
Proverbs 27:7

Have you ever noticed that when your hungry everything looks amazing? I always tell myself to never to a restaurant starving. Everything on the menu seems appealing, including stuff you wouldn't normally like. But after you have ordered and taken a few bites, the edge has gone away and the truth sinks in. You will never be able to eat it all. You don't even want it. It doesn't taste as good as it sounded on the menu. It is not appealing anymore. Why?

Because you were being driven by your appetite. Our soul should be well satisfied in every aspect of life so that we make wise choices on what we allow into our hearts. Otherwise, we find ourselves hungry for love and looking for it in all the wrong places. Whether its obsessions with food, material possessions, accomplishments or just bad men, the root it he same - HUNGER. Hunger for a natural desire that God has placed in our hearts. However, because we have failed to eat what He has already given us, we find ourselves starving for attention and doing all the wrong things to get it. Small wonder He tells us to stop filling up on things that will never be able to satisfy us eternally.

Be spiritually full
. Have a full life. Be satisfied from the inside out. When satan comes offering us tasty food - unsaved men, premarital sex, inappropriate fondling, food, too many sweets, overindulgence of any sort, the wrong types of entertainment, compensatory addictions, like name it, whatever it is he’s offering to sedate your senses - don't settle for his deceptive menu. He knows that if you partake in enough of them, you will be open for anything. No, girlfriends, you and I have come too far and waited too long to fill up on empty calories. You know the type....we all do. They taste good going down, but they don't digest well, and they are fattening. In short, they don't do anything good for our bodies or our souls. No, no, no. Push them away and hold out for the main course.